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Solutions for receivables

Next Finance offers solutions for receivables with and without payment arrears. Next Finance buys receivables which no longer belong to the core activities within your operating process. Solutions range from direct purchase to providing support with portfolio valuation. Read more about the solutions we offer here.

Sale with direct payment

We buy the portfolio and pay on transfer. This can involve a one-off transaction or forward flow transactions. In the case of forward flow, we will enter into an agreement with you for a set term, and during that term receivables which have arisen will be transferred periodically.  Direct sale offers immediate results and relieves the organisation of its own collection efforts.

Guaranteed returns on your portfolio

An alternative to direct purchase is the option of guaranteed returns on your portfolio. We will take over the collection activities and guarantee attractive results beforehand for an agreed period. In principle, the “guaranteed returns on your portfolio” option offers a higher final return than direct sale.

Smart solutions for the most complex cases

Non-recourse debtors, debtors with no known place of residency or foreign residency, legally complex cases and cases with a high cost risk: Next Finance will take on the challenge of the most complex cases. Our Recovery Sharing method means Next Finance takes on the risk of the collection costs while you retain a substantial share of the collection revenues. Recovery Sharing is suitable if your organisation does not wish to sell the receivables but does want its image to be protected.

Support with portfolio valuation

Besides buying portfolios, we also support our clients with an objective evaluation of their portfolios. We can advise you on the sale process. We can also provide you with benchmark data for your own collection activities and advise you on the collection strategy to follow.