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Next Finance offers results by taking over the entire portfolio, or by assisting you in achieving better revenues. Read here how we achieve our vision.

Why we invest in receivables

As an investor in receivables with payment arrears, we generate money for the original creditors. We reduce the loss, increase shareholder value and create new capital that can be used for your core business. Next Finance offers three benefits compared to an in-house collection department or an external authorised party:

  1. Higher efficiency of the collection process.
    By selling difficult-to-collect receivables, you can focus on the primary collection process.
  2. Direct liquidity for receivables with payment arrearsWe convert uncertain cash flows into certain cash flows and eliminate unexpectedly high collection costs.
  3. Result on non-performing loans.
    The sale of non-performing loans generates direct liquidities in place of uncertain liquidities in the long term.

Strategy with regard to investments

We have substantial financial resources for investments in new portfolios. We use various investment strategies and are always looking for new ways that match our clients’ wishes. We offer our clients tailor-made solutions to suit their specific needs. For more information, see products.