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Next Finance invests in receivables with payment arrears, open files and dormant files. We also take over credit portfolios without payment arrears.

Thanks to our expertise, smart organisation and clear vision, we take collection results to a higher level. In this way, we create new opportunities and guarantee better results.

The management of Next Finance

Next Finance is in the hands of two owners, who jointly form the management team. As a result, we are able to take decisions on investment opportunities quickly. We have the expertise to evaluate a broad range of investment opportunities and find good solutions quickly. Next Finance is focused on long-term results, and as such on long-term relationships.

New perspectives lead to new values

We bring together backgrounds in finance, accountancy, consultancy and credit management. By means of a combination of appropriate legal knowledge, tools and a creative vision of collection, we identify new opportunities and deliver better results. Focusing on our core competencies leads to above-average results.

Partnership with collection partners

We outsource collection activities to our partners. Each one of them has its own unique competencies. Thanks to this network, we are able to buy receivables with diverse qualities. All the collection partners we work with are members of the NVI or KBvG.

Each portfolio has its own characteristics. Based on our knowledge of the competencies of the top 20 collection agencies, we are able to outsource a portfolio to the most suitable party. Because we are independent of collection companies, we are able to take over a portfolio which is already being handled by your existing collection agency.